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's the word. >>> right now, the u.s. government is running a deficit, has been for years. it's a topic that comes up a lot in politics and, as you might expect, it's come up a lot in this year's presidential campaign. in fact, during this week's debate between barack obama and mitt romney, the word "deficit" came up nearly 20 times. both candidates have plans to deal with it. >> both candidates have made it a cornerstone of this election to talk about the deficit, the difference between how many money our government is spending and how much it is taking in in taxes. this is the deficit right now, $1 is trillion, $90 billion. if we all wanted to pay it off, every man, woman and child in the country has to pay $3,500. yet each candidate says i can reduce the deficit. they all say we're going to have to contain the spending of the government. control it. we're going to have to rewrite the tax code and we have to get the economy moving again because that's going to produce money and revenue .really solve the problem. but beyond that, they don't agree on much. let's look at the romney plan
. instead of doing something themselves, the businesses can outsource it. but if u.s. company outsources work through a different company, it means those jobs aren't being done by american workers. maggie lake has more on the impact of outsourcing and the presidential candidate's plans to do something about it. >> whether on the campaign trail -- >> if there's an outsorcerer in chief, it's the president of the united states. >> or amid the barrage of political ads on tv -- >> mitt romney's firms were pioneers at helping their companies outsourcing. >> outsourcing is a hot button issue again in presidential politics. in states like ohio, pennsylvania and michigan where scores of factory jobs have been lost, it is a deeply emotional issue. >> they do a lot of focus grouping and polling and testing and what they find is this is very -- >> in recent years, the manufacturing sector of the u.s. have been hit particularly hard. over 500 million jobs lost between 2000 and 2009. a million alone to china. but that tide may be turning as companies rethink their commitment to lower wage countries. >
the bahamas. edges closer to the u.s. out to the east a little farther. heads up and might round the horn near cape hatteras. where does it go from here? we could see two scenarios. one where it jives into the northeast or one where it goes across the atlantic. let's hope it gets out to the north. >>> a teen who lived a mile from 10-year-old jessica ridgway in colorado has been arrested for her killing. austin sigg is 17. prosecutors plan to charge him as an adult with murder and kidnapping. here's his picture. sigg's first court date is set for this morning. he'll also be charged in a separate attempted kidnapping case. police say his mom turned him in. jessica's great grandma says she's angry. >> i don't think i can look at this person. into his face and not be judgmental. i think that i have -- it's all i've got within me to not want to just burn him. and i mean burn him. now, see, i said i could burn him. i meant literally light him on fire. send him to hell in a blaze of glory. >> police searched suspect austin sigg's colorado home yesterday and then they towed away a brown suv. jessica r
, two hours after the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya, the white house knew islamic militants were taking credit for it. that's according to the state department e-mails obtained by cnn. minutes after the attack began, the white house and the pentagon were alerted that the consulate was under attack with rockets and heavy gunfire. the u.s. ambassador and three other diplomats were killed in that attack on the 9/11 anniversary. >>> now it's become a big issue in the election. mitt romney slammed the president saying he sent mixed messages on the attack. president obama did refer to it as an act of terror the day afterwards, but the white house also suggested for more than a week the attack may have been a protest that got out of hand. so less than two weeks before the election, there is no comment so far from the white house. >>> two teen brothers were arrested for murdering a 12-year-old girl. their mom is the one who turned them in to police, though. the teens lived around the corner from autumn pasquale. they believe they lured her into their home for her bmq bike but wound up ki
the u.s.? if so, where? clark howard will be with us as well in about 45 minutes. he will be talking about windows 8, the new operating system here. some say they can hardly recognize it. but is that a good thing? ow. >> hurricane sandy has packed a punch as it passes through the caribbean. two deaths have been blamed on the system, one in jamaica, one in haiti. folks along the coast of florida may start seeing the effects of that storm as well. all right, chad. is it going to hit the u.s.? if so, where? are we seeing effects in florida yet? >> i think the answer is does it hit the u.s., the word would be likely, better than 50/50 that it hits the u.s. somewhere. there's a chance that it doesn't turn left soon enough to hit the u.s. and hits atlantic canada, halifax, nova scotia. it's affecting florida with big waves and some rain across south florida. the surf will be the rip tides, rip currents that will be coming there, pulling people out. you'll have people out there trying to surf in this weather. you really don't want to do that. that's obviously a break water from wsvn, our af
that made him an legend. the cycling union made the announcement after the u.s. anti-doping agency said the former pro was involved in a sophisticated doping program. now armstrong has denied the allegations all along. more from joe carter. >>> what lance armstrong is most known for, what made him a superstar, what made him a multimillionaire household name has been officially erased from the history books. lance armstrong has been stripped of his seven tour de france titles. now cycling's governing body agreed with the u.s. anti-doping agency, calling the report alleging armstrong's doping "sickening." which then led to this decision this morning. >> ban lance armstrong of cycling and strip him of his seven tour de france titles. lance license has no place in cycling. >> the anti-doping agency said armstrong used drugs at the peak of his cycling career. but the union had the final say on his titles. armstrong has always bdenied th allegationses. no word yet on the decision. he can no longer be called a tour winner. according to the general director of the tour de france, nobody else wi
of cesar chavez academy in colorado. which of these political parties has won a u.s. presidential election? the reform party, groan part, lib tearan party or whig party? you've got three seconds. go. there have been four u.s. presidents who were members of the whig party. that's your answer and that's your shout out. >>> these days, other parties are usually referred to as third parties. this year's presidential ketsd were at part of the debates between barack obama .mitt romney. but they got together of their own debate in chicago. former new mexico governor gary johnson. he's the presidential nominee for the libertarian party. jill stein, who once ran for governor of massachusetts against mitt romney is the nominee for the green party. virgil good, a former u.s. congressman of virginia is the presidential nominee and rocky anderson, former mayor of salt lake city utah is the nominee for the justice party. one of the big issues is ballot access. people can only vote for these candidates if their names are on the ballot and that varies from state to state for each of these parties. a new n
like it never even happened. the u.s. anti-doping agency banned him from the sport and ordered all seven titles be taken away. ultimately the international cycling union has the authority to do that, and their decision will come down shortly, around 7:00 a.m. eastern. over the weekend armstrong spoke at the 15-year live strong anniversary party, and he tried to maintain some perspective. >> obviously it's been an interesting and, as i said the other night, at times very difficult few weeks. people ask me a the lot, how are you doing? and i tell them, i say, well, i've been better, but i've also been worse. >> and it could get a lot worse. in about an hour, they say he trafficked in banned substances and pressured those who would testify against him or his suppliers. they called the report a one-sided hatchet job. of course, innatasha, we'll lea a lot more, like i said, when the international cycling committee makes their decision whether or not to take those titles away. >> 14 years his racing career could be erased this morning. we'll see what happens. thanks. >>> al qaeda support
it will head to the u.s. to the west you go, missouri stretching to st. louis. more showers and a weak frontal boundary to illinois. that's going to be a problem in the air. i'll show you what we are calling for if you are traveling by air, delays. san fran sprcisco low cloud cov. showers around new york. probably in cleveland, detroit, and chicago, st. louis, again, showers. mostly heavy in the morning. and by this afternoon things should clear up a bit. we have tropical systems. number one is -- what is it? sandy. we have 19, tropical depression number 19 out there. a busy weather day. natasha, more in a couple minut minutes. >>> you've got to see the new pictures of minnie mouse. bob, did you see this? looking like skinny mouse. you can bet that's causing controversy. we'll show you. >>> something smells fishy, debate fact checking. but with copd making it hard to breathe, i thought those days might be over. so my doctor prescribed symbicort. it helps significantly improve my lung function starting within five minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. with sym
, it was about communication and the failure to get information out. >>> back in the u.s., the food and drug administration, the fda, says it's looking into reports of a possible connection between energy drinks and five deaths. the parents of 14-year-olds are suing monster beverage, which makes monster energy drinks. parents say their daughter died from heart problems after drinking monster energy on two consecutive days. monster says the drink that's 480 milligrams of caffeine. that's equal to three cups of coffee and it's more than five times the caffeine teenagerses should have in a day. the fda says it hasn't found any direct links between the energy drink and the teen's death. monster says it's saddened by the teen's death, but is not taking any responsibility. >>> today's shout out going to mr. tolan's history class in miles school. what is this? a mammal, republic tile, fish or amphibian? you've got three seconds. go. what you're looking at is a mammal. specifically, it's a beluga whale, sometimes called a white whale. >>> belugas are sometimes called canaries of the sea because they
is finally here. sky fall is going to open in the u.s. november 9, but today, a world premier in london. neil curry joins us live. what have you got for us? >> reporter: it's a fantastic evening, the location is the royal albert hall. prince charles is going to be here with the duchess of cornwall. >> we have seen daniel craig tonight, and others have been here too. the director is going to be coming so we might get to chat with him as well. the casino royal, the critics are loving this film. and fans around the world have got a treat. >> tell me it's coming here to the u.s., we mentioned early november. how excited do people remember. how excited to people get about a bond opening like this? >> it's tremendous, this is one of the the te events. i'm just going to break up here, because we have got a director joining us here. how have you managed to raise a bar on this film? >> the first thing is you don't try and raise the bar, you just try and make a good story. you think of it in terms of the effect it's going to have on people, you kind of freeze. i'm honestly more nervous seeing all these
of the stories to stick around and watch here on hln. in the u.s., it seems there's a starbucks on every corner, but in india, the first starbucks opened today. and the coffee giant is hoping that's just the beginning. >>> could jerry sandusky get a new trial? his lawyers are hoping that's the case. what else they're asking from the judge. >>> and the yankees soundly beaten, swept out of the playoffs by the tigers, crushing any hopes they're heading back to the world series. and now some are pointing the finger at the golden boy, alex rodriguez, he stunk it up in the post season. is he done with the yankees? [ laughing ] [ laughing ] [ laughing ] [ laughing ] ♪ you're ready for whatever life could bring. did he catch the early flight home? will he surprise the kids? [ gasps ] [ knock on door ] we'll see. but with glade's motion-activated sense & spray that offers a hint of hawaiian breeze... can i open the door? ...your home is always ready for any surprise. glade. open up and invite life in. automatically fill your home with a welcoming fragrance, like hawaiian breeze. sc johnson. a family c
. remember the jogger incident? then they went off to the u.s. virgin islands with the family. right after jessica disappeared, he wasn't in class for a few days. there's interesting behavior patterns someone near him had to know this man was very troubled. >> donna in florida. what's your question? >> caller: it's a pleasure to get to talk to you. i want to give my condolences to jessica's family. but my question is how did the mother find out about the son? what happened there? >> well, to nia joining us from denver. it's my understanding that he told his mom what he had done. right? >> that's correct. and then she picked up the phone and reportedly handed it to him. she called the police and handed him the phone. >> everyone, "what would you do?" that's the question tonight at 9:00 eastern when abc's hidden camera show comes to hln. >>> it isn't long before kim hughes turns the corner. >> oh! oh, my god. >> our
part d premium in the u.s. call now for a free information kit. you'll receive a summary of plan benefits and an enrollment form. aarp medicarerx plans insured through unitedhealthcare. call today. ♪ >>> tropical storm sandy is now a category 1 hurricane and heading towards kingston, jamaica. it's expected to make landfall this afternoon. forecast maps show it on track to reach cuba by tomorrow morning before heading to the baha bahamas. it's not expected to hit the u.s. by the way. >>> on the other coast, a shark attacked and killed a surfer. at the vandenberg air force base, the surfer was out with three friends yesterday. the surfer is not affiliated with the air force and that beach is closed for now. >>> if you bought anything at barnes and noble last month, your debit card may have been ripped off. this happened in 63 extortion. it's expansive in california, florida, illinois, massachusetts, new jersey, connecticut, new york, pennsylvania and rhode island. and the thieves got people's card numbers and their pin numbers. so the bookstore apparently had to keep it quiet for
with you one-to-one. together for your future. ♪ agents, say hello to the biggest hailstone in u.s. history.re. oh, that will leave a dent. which is exactly why we educate people... about comprehensive coverage. yep. the right choice now can pay off later. looks like a bowling ball. yeah. oh! agents, say hello to the second-biggest hailstone in u.s. history. [ announcer ] we are insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ >>> i just asked our senior producer, i said, susan, do i have nice energy today or am i being an noxious? no one is answering yet. >> i thought you handled it very well. even though obviously -- yeah, the video was a little weird. but i think you did great. >> we're talking about the raccoon thing. i'm just talking about me in general. >>> our salute to troops is nothing offensive and everybody seems to -- well, we're honored to do it because we get to hear from you. that's the big thing. we get to hear from you our viewers. today two miami dolphins cheerleaders say they're going to do the salute. >> hi, i'm amy. >> and i'm lilly, and we're the miami dol
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